Local SEO – Tale of Two Barbers

I recently met two long-time barbers in my area of Florida. Both of the barbers had local businesses with no websites and no management of local search listings. When I talked to them about “going online” neither were receptive to the idea but barber A was willing to hear more and barber B wanted nothing to do with it.

I didn’t promise barber A an early retirement, but I did make the case that nearly 50% of local searches now begin online at a search engine. I showed him the search volume for keywords like “Barber” or “Haircut” for his city and his current rankings in Google, Yahoo, and Bing (which were ZERO).

Like any good businessman, barber A did ask me about costs and what return on investment (ROI) he could expect. Estimating the ROI is often tricky, but we talked about how often someone gets a haircut, the average price, and how long an average customer stays. We came up with a life-time customer value to the business (around 300 dollars).

I showed him that adding just ten new customers a year (conservative estimate) would add 3000 dollars in gross income. For a small business, that wasn’t bad. If you consider that happy customers tell others (word of mouth), you could easily envision the type of growth possible. We agreed to go forward with a budget and to target three high volume local keywords.

Within three business days, I purchased a domain name and built an informational website that targeted the local keywords (like “Barber” + Zip Code) . I added some social media backlinks and soon afterward the site was listed in Google, Yahoo, and Bing. Within one month, he was within the top 10 rankings on Google for his keywords (with one keyword being in the #1 spot on Google). He also became the #1 listing for his barber shop name.

I installed some analytical software to track visitors and was happy to see that the site was getting targeted search engine and local search traffic. Within two months from the start of this project, barber A had 4 new customers. His site continues to grow in traffic and I’m now getting free haircuts!

So what about barber B? Nothing. He’s still not even listed in Google.

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Case Study, SEO

SEO Case Study #1

In this case study, the challenge was to get a free blog hosted at Blogger.com to rank for targeted keywords and tap into the large amounts of traffic available in the desktop wallpaper niche.

This was a new blog and started with zero traffic. In the span of six months, the site went from zero unique visitors a month to over 13,000!  The page views topped out at over 30,000.

Case Study Traffic Increase Chart

Case Study Traffic Increase Chart

How is this possible? From the start, the blog was designed using the correct search engine optimizations. This case study is a great example of what can happen when an SEO expert is brought in from the beginning.

Desktop wallpapers is a competitive field. When we performed the keyword research, we found five keyword phrases that had good search volume and low competition. We then collaborated on the site design to optimize the domain name, the blog name, the title,  and the site text to target the keywords.

With the site optimized and the quality content in place, the site quickly ranked high in the search engines for our targeted keywords. We put a link building strategy in place to keep a strong and steady flow of links to the site and the traffic continued to grow.

Case Study, SEO